Barbara Dayton's Statement to Board Of Trustees, 12/9/14

I have two points:

First, I think I speak for the annuitants here tonight when I say that the Board overreacted when they decided not to rehire some 80 annuitants based on the fact that 3 broke the rules. The remainder followed the law. Did as they were told and are now being punished. Is this the message we want to send to our students? It doesn't matter if you follow the rules, you're going to get punished anyway. Imagine a teacher saying to her class, three of you cheated, therefore I am going to fail all of you.

Second, you changed the rules in the middle of the game. Annuitants were told both by SURS and HR it is OK to retire, sit out the requisite 60 days and then we'll rehire you. Many made their retirement decisions based on this. Now they are being told, sorry, too bad we've decided to break our work and not rehire you. Where does this leave those who were planning to supplement their meger annuity by continuing to work? Trust me, working as an adjunct you don't get rich and tha annuity that you get when you retire is not enough to live on.

The AFA is willling to work with you to make things right. Please work with us.